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Easy Mindfulness Practices to Manage Grief

You may get past a bad phase in your life but may still find your heart consumed with darkness. This is the moment in life when you may realize that it is not always easy to break free from the clutches of sadness. Keeping this universal sentiment in mind, I’ve come up with “Saying Goodbye to Grief with Mindfulness.”

Meal Planning to Manage Grief

Food has the power to uplift your soul and make you feel wonderful about yourself and life in general. From Grief to Glory Through Healthy Planning, will give you the awareness of how your food impacts your mood.

Battle the Flu: How to Boost Your Immunity Naturally at Home?

Few people know this, but there’s a protein in the influenza virus that can damage epithelial cells in the lungs as well, leading to fluid build-up in the lungs, which can have severe consequences.