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Easy Mindfulness Practices to Manage Grief

You may get past a bad phase in your life but may still find your heart consumed with darkness. This is the moment in life when you may realize that it is not always easy to break free from the clutches of sadness. Keeping this universal sentiment in mind, I’ve come up with “Saying Goodbye to Grief with Mindfulness.”

This book is solely based on the practice of mindfulness, shedding light on how readers can ultimately find solace and happiness by being mindful every day.
The first half of the book helps you understand what grief is and how it can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. Grief can be recognized through its five stages. The book has covered each of the five stages in an attempt to help you understand and better deal with grief.
People often confuse mindfulness with meditation, and while they are similar in some aspects, they are not entirely the same. A section of this book is wholly dedicated to the major differences between meditation and mindfulness to make you an informed practitioner of mindfulness.
Despite having major health benefits, both mental and physical, the practice of mindfulness is often overlooked. A part of the reason is the misconception surrounding it. People often think that you need a lot of time and space to practice mindfulness. However, this book helps break this popular myth by presenting you with mindfulness exercises that can be practiced in a short amount of time. These exercises can be practiced by children, teens, and adults, alike.
So, give this book a read to help yourself deal with sorrow, find courage and be more in control of your life ultimately. If you see someone struggling in their life, introduce this book to them and help bring a positive change in lives..

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