Tai Chi Promotes Longevity

Tai Chi Promotes Longevity

Slowing down and focusing on movement will reduce stress. When you reduce stress, you lengthen your life. It’s a simple equation.

Tai Chi has the same source as Daoism/Taoism which is based on the principle of emptiness and stillness. This non-action principle is fundamental to relaxation. When you are relaxed or as it is called in a state of emptiness, you can unite yourself with nature. This builds the Chi (vital energy) inside the body and boosts the immune system which fights disease and promotes a longer healthier and happier life.

Since the practice of Tai Chi maintains balance and flexibility elderly people who practice Tai Chi fall less. When an elderly person falls, this affects their overall general health and reduces their quality of life. Looking at it like this, one can conclude that practicing Tai Chi and preventing falls lengthens one’s quality of life and as such one’s lifespan.

Scientists have discovered that Tai Chi can help the process of cell renewal, proliferation and differentiation in the body so that it is in optimal working order.

As we age our health problems occur because our cells get old and damaged and they don’t reproduce. For example as we age our body reabsorbs the cells that make up the structure of our bones faster than our body is able to generate new bones. This is how we end up with decreased bone density. This makes us prone to more fractures and breaks in our bones. When we are young our bodies can produce the cells necessary to build our bones at a faster rate thus maintaining bone density.

The same in your brain, as you age the production of cells that are involved in thinking and memory becomes reduced. This leads to dementia/Alzheimer and other cognitive problems which can shorten your lifespan.

A regular Tai Chi practice helps generate new cells for the body’s processes. As such feel younger and as such you will most probably live longer. These processes are necessary for keeping us feeling vibrant and young.  

Tai Chi is a form of Qigong and when practiced it can build vital energy in the body which can strengthen the body and remove disease so you live a longer healthier life.  The practice of Tai Chi and Qigong massages all the internal organs, extends and lengthens the spine and joints.

Dr. Michael Irwin, professor of behavioral sciences and director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLS states that “We’ve seen improved immunity to viruses and improved vaccine response among people who practiced tai chi,” Irwin has published dozens of studies linking tai chi to lower rates of insomnia, depression, illness and inflammation.

All of this improves your quality of life and those who have a happier life live a longer life as a rule generally!!

In most cases people who choose to practice Tai Chi are proactive about their health. They make a point of practicing daily and eating healthy.

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