How to establish a Qigong practice in your day

Did you ever imagine you could get your Qigong practice into your day while waiting for a bus or a train?  Some people are so busy they can’t imagine when they could fit in the time to practice.

Well to start, first there is belly breathing, that is a great option for standing on a metro, subway, bus or train. This is a great Qigong exercise that is easy to do anywhere. You decide on a number of deep belly breathes you will practice each day and start doing it. That will already start off your routine. You can also practice this at work, during lunch, or even at night while watching TV if you feel you are too tired to stand up and do a whole routine

Second, make the decision that you are going to practice. Setting the intent is a powerful tool to getting your practice going. Even if you think you are too busy, remember that practicing Qigong can calm your mind and relieve your stress. By doing this you will have more quality time to complete your tasks and you can be more efficient, which will leave you more time to include your practice.

Third, think about your WHY.

Why do you want to practice Tai Chi and Qigong daily? What are you dealing with in your life right now that has had you turn to these ancient arts? What are you struggling with? How do you think that Tai Chi and Qigong could help you with what is going on in your life? How do you think that will affect your relationships, health, job and your life in general?

These are the reasons why you want to practice. Best practice would be to write them down and keep that paper with you so whenever you feel you are too tired, or you want to blow off your commitment to yourself go back over the answers to these questions. This will inspire you to get up and do your practice.

Fourth, find a good place where you like to practice. Personally, I like to go out to the parks and practice under the trees but I have a student who likes to practice on her terrace when the weather is nice. This location needs to be easy, perhaps somewhere close to where you work so you can practice at lunch. If it is too far away, you may lose your motivation to go there regularly. Make sure to pick a place that is close by so you will practice often.

Fifth, make a regular time to practice. Whatever time suits you best is the best time to practice. It doesn’t matter that there are those who say you must practice with the sunrise. If you can’t get up that early, then it isn’t the best time for you to practice. It can be a good time for some but for others it might be lunchtime, or before bed. This will depend on your daily routine. Practicing at the same time every day will help you create your habit so you will be less prone to skipping a day.

Establish a habit of time and place.

NOTE: I am writing this article also about Qigong because I believe it is an integral part of any Tai Chi practice. I believe that the Qigong 8 Brocade course that I offer is easy to memorize, and the exercises are perfect for doing during your work day to stretch out your body. Because they are easy to remember you can do them on a short break at lunch or in the afternoon instead of refilling the coffee cup when you get that slump.