Last Travels to China part 01

Our travels to China began in 2010. When first went to Wudang China to train Martial Arts as a family in 2010. The kids were 7, 9 and 18...

Olivier was 9 years old.



Emilie 7 years old



…and Melissa 18 years old



…and Leia, we will skip how old she was, young and beautiful is all we need to say about the heroine of our story!






Of course there was also Papa, he was mostly taking the pictures but he was there too in 2010. And it is really thanks to him that we went in the first place. 



We trained martial arts very hard everyday for 6-8 hours 6 days a week.





The splits were a part of our daily routine. We stretched 3 times a day.. Today Emilie can still easily do the splits but more later on that...



 Emilie does the Tai Chi walk.



Olivier does Tai Chi.



 It was an amazing life experience for the family.



We lived and trained with the Chinese.



And we became good friends sharing memorable experiences.


We visited beautiful temples rich with history


We listened to our master who told us stories to teach us about life


 Emilie and Shifu developed a father daughter relationship that continues to this day but more on that in the next parts of our Wudang story...