The Art of Yin and Yang in Tai Chi

The Art of Yin and Yang in Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient martial art that based one of the core Daoist philosophies of Yin  and Yang. This speaks of opposing forces that coming together yet also separating. Through the practice of Tai Chi you achieve a balance between these forces inside your body, within your emotions and all around you.

Yin and Yang are as complementary as they are opposites. You can think of them like two sides to the same coin.

Yang is cerebral, it is your mind and your emotions. Yin is your body. Through the practice of Tai Chi you are able to connect the two together to create a balance between the Yin and Yang energy within you.

When you can balance these two opposing yet complementary forces that is when you achieve harmony and then naturally transformation follows. You feel this transformation in your life because you feel better in your everyday life and with everything you do.

When you bring your arms and legs in towards your body that is considered a Yin movement. When you step out and you strike out with your hand then that is considered a Yang movement. I go into more detail about these movements in the theory section of the Traditional Basics course.

When you are in balance emotionally, physically and mentally then you can feel your Chi and your life force flow through you freely. When the Chi is unlocked and flowing through your body and mind you can finally heal any chronic injuries you may have been carrying around with you. 

When Yin and Yang are in balance in your body you also improve your physical balance, you sleep better, you have enhanced vitality and energy and this will bring you happiness in your life.

And being happier will help you live longer.