Last Travels to China part 02

Our Second trip to China was in 2012 when we moved there to train and home school for two years. Now the kids were 11 and 13. Papa stayed on the farm in Panama and it was the beginning of a new chapter in my life living and traveling with my kids for 7 years. We started this chapter in Wudang, China.


My beautiful daughter Emilie 11 years old.

Emilie doing punching basics at the temple.


Olivier at 13 years old in his bandana phase.


Lets see if his shoe doesn't fly off while he is doing this form!!

 Olivier on performance day at the temple where we practiced daily. He took off his bandana to perform!


There were other like minded foreigners to practice together improving our flexibility stretching daily 


Shifu helping Emilie with her splits


Emilie doing the splits in 2012



 I found women to share, inspire and improve on all levels together


 We practiced dailly along side the chinese traditional classes


Olivier practicing kick training with  a partner


Emilie was bullied at school but in China she made long life friends with the young adults it was the best choice for her to move to China.

Traditional class doing split training I am not sure Olivier ever really got the splits hi might be the one in the back!


Even without the splits Olivier's best form was the long broad sword

The kids competed in competitions giving them a broader life experience


I went on excursions biking up mountains to ancient temples


a famous temple called 5 dragon temple what a reward after such a hard bike


On our days off Emilie baked for the foreigners at the school in our common room make up kitchen


Still today, Emilie baking is when she is happiest


Emille's 12th birthday in Wudang and yes I had braces at the time.



Emilie's 13th birthday in Wudang, she made all the food!! So many special mother daughter moments shared in this common room.  No more braces!!

The beautiful mountains of Wudang China where a piece of my heart will always remain with all the cherished memories with my kids.