The 5 steps to the Pyramid of Health

The 5 steps to the Pyramid of Health

There are 5 phases to the pyramid of health. Following this hierarchy of health helps you understand how your environment affects you. This is a series of self-care treatments that you follow from the bottom to help you bring you back balance into your life.

Sleep is at the base of the pyramid

Getting enough sleep and getting good sleep replenishes your blood. In the first 30 minutes to 1 hour your body repairs muscles. After which it begins to repair the organs through the recycling of the blood and the delivery of these new nutrients.


Eating late because can interrupt your sleep. It is important to drink 2 liters (8 glasses) of water a day but it is best to drink it early. Drinking liquids late at night can wake you up.  Pay attention to the colour of your urine and the colour of your poop they can be indicators of your level of health

Basic nutrition 101:

Eat your greens everyday, drink your water, have protein at most of your meals whether plant based or animal based, avoid junk food, fast food carbonated drinks alcohol and cigarettes.

Eating in sync with the seasons according Traditional Chinese medicine, things to consider:


Eat things that sprout like bean sprouts and spring onions. This will raise your yang energy. It is the season of sour and wood so eat pre-ripe vegetables, stems and whatever is of the green colour. This is really the season to eat your greens!


This is the season of red and fire. It is a time to eat foods that bloom like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. The taste of the season is bitter so eating pre-ripe is also recommended if it makes the taste slightly bitter.

Late Summer 

This is a transition point between seasons it is when the fruits and vegetables ripen and mature. Mid-august is a time of abundance in fruits and vegetables. The element is earth, the colour is yellow and the taste sweet taste during this phase of the year. The season of Yang is coming to an end and yin is starting to build with Autumn on its way.

Autumn (Fall)

This is the time of harvest, a time to eat spicy foods that are white in colour. Eat things that have matured under the ground like tubers and roots, leeks and potatoes. Chicken soups with radishes and turnips are recommended at this time of the year and they are great for fighting coughs and colds.


This is the time for kidneys and the salty taste. The plants are sinking and receeding into the ground so it is a good time to eat seeds and nuts. Eat kidney beans and anything that stores its energy. The colours are black, purple and blue so dark foods are good at this time of the year.

The brain is an extra organ that is connected with the kidneys. When there is kidney deficiency this can lead to memory loss.


Everything good and bad enters through the mouth.


When choosing an exercise careful not to hurt yourself. Some exercise regimes can lead to chronic problems. Exercise gives oxygen to all the organs and can correct posture.


Massage helps heal tissues and eliminate toxins. Chiropractic realigning can also be considered a massage and works the deeper tissues. Acupuncture works on even deeper tissue activation.

Traditional Chinese Medicine - Extra-ordinary Diet

Chinese medicine is what is considered an extraordinary diet and is specific for healing. It complements a proper diet, massage and acupuncture. It is focused on treating an imbalance of communication in the organs.

If all else fails and you still can’t regulate any health issue you may have with this pyramid of self care practices and you have been maintaining them for at least 6 months then I would suggest you would go to see a western medicine doctor to take western medicine or have surgery. 

If you need any help with any of these steps then you can work with me as your health coach