The Taoist practice of internal alchemy

The Taoist practice of internal alchemy

Cultivating Body, Mind and Spirit

Many of us need food to nurture our entire body, our mind, as well as our spirit. Religions seek to satisfy us with spiritual food when often we do not understand how to satisfy our very selves. Taoism suggests that almost everything in everyday life can provide nourishment for certain facets of our being if perhaps we could understand how to gain access to that nourishment.

Taoist practices, particularly the Internal Alchemy, help us to discover this objective and to acquire physical, psychological, and also spiritual food in a natural way. These practices teach us tips on how to go back to our source, the Wu Chi (God), the Tao, and thus attain spiritual freedom as we learn how to live in sync with nature and the whole world.

The Three Bodies

The ancient Taoist experts have acknowledged the significance of focusing on all 3 stages of our being, such as the physical body, the energy body, as well as the spirit. The 3 body systems match up with the 3 forces: The physical body matches with the Earth. The energy body of Man and Nature matches with the Yang force, often known as cosmic force (Yin/Yang combined). The spiritual body matches with the heavenly home. In the body of a human, we call these types of forces the Three Treasures (San Bao): Ching or Jing (life essence/sexual energy), Chi (the inside breath) and Shen (spirit or cognisance). They match up with the 3 Tan Tiens; the lower Tan Tien with the Earth/ Ching force, the middle Tan Tien with the cosmic /Human/Nature/ Chi force as well as the upper Tan Tien with the Heaven/Shen force.

Spiritual realms and physical world

All 3 are essential in forming a ladder with which we may ascend purposefully into the spiritual realms and also, in the same way notably, back into the physical world to live creatively. This ladder allows Taoists to find out about the internal worlds in order to come back with facts and higher energy.

Develop the physical body

The central basis of the Taoist practice instructs how you can save physical energy within your body so that you will not disband and deteriorate due to our worldly connections. The new student in the Taoist System starts with a wide selection of exercises that develop the physical body into an effective and healthful organism, capable of living in the world and yet stay free from the worries and tension of everyday life. One should strive to go back to a childlike state of incorruptibility and strength, to recover the Original Force, which is our birthright. Certain objectives of this stage are to learn how to treat oneself, how you can love yourself, and also how you can love other people.

Practice Tai Chi and mediation

The very first level of practice would be to develop a healthy body. As people get older, their lifestyle force weakens, frequently leading to sickness and misery. Making use of medications to fight sickness wearies a lot of the body's life force. The primary practices of the tai chi and qigong make sure that we maintain our essential energy.

Manage the Chi

Daoist meditation techniques is the starting point towards achieving all these objectives, because it develops the power of the mind to control, preserve, recycle, change, and direct Chi via the body's main meridian (kinesiology) channels. By handling our Chi efficiently, we gain much better control over our everyday life; through the proper use of our energy, we will discover we already have abundant Chi!

Balance the 3 treasures

Learning to work with the 3 life forces is a both energizing and balancing process. In the practice of Tai Chi and Qigong one learns to enable a soft, sturdy stream of energy. Balance your well being via a well-balanced body. The body system also gains a feeling of being rooted intensely in the earth; as a result one can take advantage of the Mother Earth healing force.

Optimal health

The ancient Taoist strongly reasoned that any kind of change in the body of a human generates the same change in the mind and feelings. On the other hand, any kind of change in the psychological and spiritual are shown via the body of a human. The integration of this framework via these Taoist practices is sooner or later magnified in a more well balanced energy level, better well-being, and greater psychological and physical steadiness.