3 Rules for Improving Tai Chi by Master Jou

3 Rules for Improving Tai Chi by Master Jou

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Learn and know who you are.
Look within yourself and look at yourself openly and honestly as much as this might be painful for your ego. Learn your strengths and learn your weaknesses.

Know your good side and your bad. Understand what gets you up in the morning, what gets you excited and what leads you off your path and only distracts you. Understand WHY you do things. Get excited and celebrate your superpowers and work on and train any parts of you that are holding you back from living your greatest life.

Always know that you have done your best but don’t go overboard either
When you live in the present appreciating each moment you will be more mindful to be at your best. Whatever you may be doing it is best to do it well living in the moment. You can release yourself from blame when you do your best. Don’t go to extremes, don’t push it too far trying to do your best. If you aren’t where you had hoped to be at that moment don’t beat yourself up over it. This also goes for Tai Chi, don’t sit around on the couch but don’t push yourself too much that you overdo it and hurt yourself. This takes us back to knowing yourself and knowing your limits. This leads me to the third rule which states

A little progress at a time is ok
You don’t have to make big progress to get good at Tai Chi. That will cause you too much pressure and often people quit.  What is important is that you look to make a little progress every day. Be inquisitive, look for new small new things you can learn each day. Even on the days when you are too tired to practice think of something you can do sitting down. I am hoping this This kind of mindset can attract health and happiness into your life in the long run.

Practice these 3 rules with a mindset of appreciation Talk about what you appreciate even when you want to find fault. Glean the important lessons from difficult situations and appreciate the chance to learn from them. Then practice letting go.

As the saying goes;

Take time to smell the roses and practice Tai Chi.

It goes like that, right?

Article Source: Master Jou's Three Maxims of Success for Tai Chi and Life