Why do men practice Tai Chi?

Why do men practice Tai Chi?

Men who practice Tai Chi age gracefully

Older men can often be in quite good shape.  Often they have practiced a martial art in their youth they may even still be practicing one. The external more fighting martial arts can lead to accidents and injuries. Tai Chi honors the Chinese respect for old age while still giving power and strength but won’t get injured practicing Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a Martial Art and men like Martial Arts!

Tai Chi is hard, and requires dedication, as martial arts do. It is a lot harder to control an opponent when not kicking or punching. It requires more skill, more body control, and more mind control which makes it challenging but without the injuries.

Many women practice Tai Chi – like me!

There are a lot of women who practice Tai Chi. Taoist Tai Chi is based on the Ying and Yang principle so it is a great practice for both men and women. For men who practice Tai Chi it is a nice environment to train with women side by side and not that same as training with a bunch of sweaty men.

Tai Chi has cool clothes

You can wear whatever you want, just simple clothes or if you like you can go all out and dress in comfortable cool Tai Chi clothing that you can find and buy online.  Even in the beginning you might not yet grasp all the moves but you can still look cool and dress the part while being comfortable!

Tai Chi comes with Taoist philosophy (Daoism)

The wonderful philosophy of Taoism goes along with the Tai Chi practice. It is very inclusive and fits with any religion, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu etc. This is a very profound and structured way of thinking that gives the sport much greater depth in comparison to a sport like tennis. This makes it more meaningful when you practice which is great for the philosophical men and the non-philosophical men who practice Tai Chi.

Tai Chi can improve your Dance!

Tai Chi can even make you a better dancer by giving you balance, weight differentiation and more muscle control. This is great for the women since men are the ones who need to lead most times. ie Tango, Swing, Ballroom, Salsa, Bachata.

Tai Chi is Fun

The most important reason is that it is fun and you can wear a cool shirt!!

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