Last spring my doctor recommended I begin doing tai chi for chronic shoulder issues. After viewing a lot of different instructors videos I chose to go with Leia’s teachings. I’ve participated in all of her seasonal workshops and have gleaned valuable tips such as drinking warm water, not easy in the heat of the summer! Also eating from seasonal fruits and vegetables. Kick the gluten out of my life, drinking dandelion tea , bone broth and many other things. And I’ve lost 20 pounds as a gift! The Taiflow and chigong routines in the library are part of my daily routine. As a New Years goal I have recently started the 28 forms after doing the workshops she suggested. I’m exited to have the first three forms down!  Other things I have noticed include acute sense of smell, a sence of calm yet full of energy. I experienced a strange rash as though my body was purging things it no longer needed. My balance is better!  And so my day begins with standing meditation , a chi gong tapping of meridians, some stretches and a flow because I love the repetition , and then the 28. Yea. I get up early since I have to be at work by 7:15!
And did I mention how cool the Monday night live classes are? You get to have class with people all over the globe!

Stephanie 2020 - Traditional basics, Monthly Library, 8 Brocade, Tai Chi 28 steps and all the live workshops to date and beyond



Just wanted to let you know when I went for my annual physical at the doctor's office, my blood pressure went down to the recommended numbers.  I turned 62 at the end of last month, and with a few tweaks of my diet and regular practicing of tai chi, my pressure is now 126/80.  At one point, I was 140/90.  My doc was pleased when I told her about my tai chi exercises, since she herself practices yoga.  

So thank you for the videos and encouraging us towards a healthier lifestyle.    Best regards, Joann

Joann October 2019 - Freestyle Tai Chi Flow membership

Peter Connor

I found Leia on youtube about 18 months back and i got to love her videos. As an old man of 71 I found that I could achieve a lot of enjoyment out of doing her videos, in fact, I got so excited that i asked Leia if she could give me some private lessons. She did. As a result 18 months later I have done her basics course her flow videos and her flow classes. She has also taught me the 8 brocades, 5 animals Qigong, I learnt 28 form Tai Chi and now i am learning Tai Yi. I also go to all her live workshops which I really enjoy. There is always something new for me to learn there. Leia shows me how to learn in a simple way which i can understand easily. I also pay her for all her videos because they are so easy to follow. Leia has given me a reason to get out of bed every day. I have also learnt to eat healthy and have gone from 98 kilos to 81 kilos. Thanks for my new life teach.

Peter Connor August 2019 - Traditional basics, Monthly Library, 8 Brocade, and all the live workshops to date and beyond

Tom Murphy

Hi Leia,   this is so great, I am having such a great time working through your course.  I am actually a little ahead of this schedule. I think possible since I've been doing Tai Chi for a few months before taking your course. Also I have always had good leg strength and so the leg movements are a little easier for me. And, the movements just seem to be right to me, I don't have to think about the hands and feet as that just seem to know where to go. I need to write down the modules and videos I've already watched as I can get lost with where I am in the course. I am not trying to rush things here, I do want to get it right and correct to tradition.You are such a good teacher, it is easy to follow along and I find that the questions I come up with after watching the first time and doing the movements, are answered when I watch the second time. Thank you for helping me on this journey.

Tom Murphy July 2019 - Traditional basics

Hilde Regine Jarlum Rayani

Yes i have practised. I think you are good at explaining that is why i use your videos. I am still using the tai chi for beginners everyday. I want to be good at the basics before I move on. I notice a good effect on my whole body. Last week I missed one day of exercise. And my body really noticed that. I also feel the chi stronger now. I have thanks to you become a tai chi lover😊 so thank you!
Hilde Regine Jarlum Rayani May 2019 - Youtube Videos


As I said the other day, great online class and excellent videos - really glad that I found Taiflow. Safe travels, feel better, and see you once you get settled. In the meantime, plenty of work (and learning) to do...

Chip May 2019 - Library Membership with weekly Online Flow Classes - Traditional Basics

Cherlynne Sweet

Thank-you, I have just signed up for the full course, and am enjoying it tremendously. I just turned 66 and have been looking for something, other than walking and bike riding. Thai Chi is something that I can do at home or on the beach, and still be able to enjoy the feelings of being connected. You have done a wonderful job in instructing and relaying the necessary benefits. My partner and I owned a health store in the Okanagan for 25 years, and have been using herbs and organic food for decades. Even though my body is in good shape, I felt that I was missing something. As one gets older we start to lose our posture and elasticity. Tai Chi has regained my flexibility and endurance. I send my love and compassion. keep up the excellent work Leia!

Cherlynne Sweet March 2019 - Traditional Basics

Deborah Lindamoon

Have been accessing videos via library membership for over a month.  Was unable to balance on one leg for Rooster on the Roof for the first three weeks.  Kept practicing while being encouraged by Leia and now I am able to balance.  Thank you for Taiflow and your guidance!   Well worth the investment and look forward to new videos as they are posted.

Deborah Lindamoon March 2019 - Library Membership


I have been suffering from this for over 15 years- an unseen chronic illness . Since beginning your Tai Chi classes on You Tube and now having the separate modules, I love gettng up in the morning and spending at least half an hour doing the exercises and concentrating on the breathing that accompanies them . I have noticed a huge difference.
Thank you

Daphne Feb 2019 Library Membership


Your videos have taken me from being primarily sedentary to moving once again. I am interested in taking the next step.
Thank you Leia.

Deborah Feb 2019 Library Membership


Right now I work more on your videos about Tai Chi Traditional Basics and also the workshops 1 and 2, because I feel I am able to understand and integrate the movements through them, but sometimes I also look for one of your tai chi Flow modules to enjoy movements in a more relaxed and very pleasant way.
Thank you and see you,

Laura. Jan 2019 Flow Library Membership and Traditional Basics


I love your youtube videos and have used them for a couple of months. Your style, rhythm, way of speaking, manner, and "vibe" are all just right (for me). Thanks to you, I have started to practice tai chi and have become committed to keeping up the practice and learning more (from a variety of sources including your teaching). And it has been doing me a lot of good, helping with my neck, shoulder, and back problems (I'm nearly 59 years old, a professor who reads and writes too much). Thank you!

Alyssa February 2019- Flow Library Membership

Dru Ann Jefferies

I fully agree with Vicki Lant Baird . I am not elderly though,, nor distressed. Just a gal who has not had much exercise for a while. You made me feel at ease in your You Tube videos and I felt stronger and more balanced within a week. After about 3 weeks, I got the confidence to move forward and purchased your Tai Chi Basics. I love what i've learned so far. Thank you Leia ! Ignore those critics. You know what you are doing !

Dru Ann Jeffries Dec 2018 Traditional Basics


I look forward to seeing more of your instructions. This has been a great addition to my daily life!

Ellen Nov 2018 - Flow Library Membership

Bob Wolfskill

Yes, Leia, I do have your Tai Chi Basics Course and I am enjoying it. I did have interest in your website to learn the Wudang style form, but found alot more excellent information than I expected. Wanted to let you know that I've been teaching tai chi and qigong for over 15 years, but I still remain a student for continued knowledge of my beloved arts. Looking forward to more training with you, I enjoy your method of teaching and enjoy your very fine material. Your excellent training in Wudang, China certainly shows through in what you do, very impressive! Continued best wishes in all you do.

Bob Wolfskill September 2018 - Traditional Tai Chi Basics

Kaz Art

1) This is great for SIMPLE movement and FLOW to get the chi moving, 2) Leia flows perfectly WITH the music IN SYNC to the beat. I've studied several Qigong/Tai Chi forms in China and in the USA, and I LIKE THIS! This Taiflow uses PRINCIPLES and PARTS of basic Tai Chi and Qigong. How do you naysayers think that the multi-hundreds of Tai Chi and Qigong forms came to be in the first place? By masters putting together NEW COMBINATIONS of the individual parts! There is nothing wrong with doing that! The important point is that you get the chi MOVING and FLOWING, which this 5 minute form does very well. I like Leia's voice, her graceful movements, the exquisite background, and even the music. She accomplishes exactly what she set out to do! Kudos to her for putting this up!

Kaz Art September 2018 - YouTube Videos

Agnieszka from Poland

I want to thank you, Leia, for the extraordinary motivation you give me. Nobody would motivate me so effectively. Your peace, inner balance and smile make me stand out on the terrace every morning to practice. And I know (and feel) it's good for me. I started with „5-minutes 100 days” modules on YT, thinking that it could work, it’s not too excessive. Now I practice about 40-60 minutes your Traditional Tai Chi Basics and YT modules. Your method is very clear, well thought and allows me to gradually develop new skills. The everyday practice has become something normal and necessary. I want to follow this path and I hope I will, after learning 8 Brocade, continue my practice with you and your further courses.

Agnieszka from Poland July 2018 - Traditional Basics

Carrie Ann Edens

Hi Leia! Just wanted to thank you for your you tube videos! They have changed my life! I have fibromyalgia and find it difficult to exercise without taking a toll on my body but your videos introduced me to something I not only can do BUT LOVE DOING! 

Thank you! Carrie Ann Edens July 2018 - YouTube videos

Sally Simmons

I love Leia’s on line tai chi courses! Her videos are lovely, nourishing and easy to follow. Her calm and positive energy is inspiring. I’m so glad I found Leia on YouTube and have since signed up for her on line 8 brocade course. I feel this is the beginning of something deeply healthy and positive in my life. I highly recommend learning tai chi from Leia! 

Thank you Leia! Sally  April 2018 - Qigong 8 Brocades

Sally Simmons

I love your 8 brocade course very much. I like the separate videos but I think i would also  like the long version as well. I very much appreciate your calm and nourishing voice and the way you speak during the moves. So far I have only done 8 chapters and I believe there are two more. I’ve gone as far as: Clench The Fists And Glare Fiercely. I’m also still watching and following along to your you tube 5minute video.  I wish i could take a class from you in person. Maybe someday I will come to New Zealand and see about that. I live in Seattle,Washington.  Thank you!

Sally Simmons  May 2018 - 8 Brocades

Lyn Hodkinson

Just wanted you to know that I am thoroughly enjoying your modules. I have recently retired after 20 years working in children's services and decided to do something about my interest in tai chi. I found the lessons challenging at first but also relaxing and my sense of achievement when I master the movements is fantastic. My breathing, coordination and balance have improved markedly and I have been diligent in practising every day, whether it has been for 10 or 30 minutes, but ensuring I do not miss a day and this has certainly assisted me to improve. I prefer to practice outside but bit difficult at the moment due to our winter weather.  I started with your 5 minute a day Youtube sessions late last year, then purchased the video sessions and am so glad I did, so thank you for sharing your skills and passion  online. Recently I had to have a filling at the dentists, where I always gag a lot as I dislike things in my mouth. I tried to really focus on my breathing through my nose, holding my hands on my tummy to feel the diaphragm moving correctly and I did not gag once, which I attribute to my tai chi, a great practical outcome.

 Lyn Hodkinson June 2018 - Traditional Tai chi Basics Course

Robert Wells

"I have found Leia's Tai Chi classes to be fun and energising. 

Robert Wells, Personal Trainer  March 2018 - Live Flow Classes


“I am thrilled to hear that you are planning to film more online courses. As a complete novice and a rather unfit middle aged person it is going to take me a while to progress however I am practising every day for 30 minutes to one hour. Your videos are very good for working on posture and the best that I have found in that regard. Also the gradual pace and the way you break things down makes it easy to follow and gain confidence day by day. I will book an online lesson as soon as I gain a little more coordination with the hand and leg movements.Keep up the great work. All the Best ”

Robyn February 2018 - Traditional Tai Chi Basics

Rod/Gale Perry

"We love your videos and are working our way through them slowly. We found you on YouTube about 6 months ago and practice daily. Our success is measured in the improvement in balance and flexibility. My right foot is welded together in three spots so I was unable to balance on one foot when we began. I remember telling Gale that I would not be able to do the exercises. I can now do so and my flexibility has greatly improved."

Rod and Gale Perry - USA - January 2018 Traditional Tai Chi Basics Course


“Thank you again for this morning. It was excellent. I came away from the session again feeling like I had achieved something worthwhile. I am enjoying them immensely. Will return next Friday. Regards”

Joan Australia - January 2018 Live Flow Cass