Tai Chi Courses

Masterclass July 2019

In this one-off Masterclass you will learn three of the most important postures:  

  • The centering stance 
  • The horse stance
  • The warrior stance 

I will also explain where the Qi is stored in your body and how to allow it to circulate freely.

If you want more depth to your Tai Chi practice but you aren't ready to commit to a full course then join me for this one Masterclass. No previous experience is necessary.


Saturday July 27th  6:00 pm Hong Kong time
(This is Satruday July 27th 12:00pm Paris time or 6:00 am NY time)

Sunday July 28th 9:15 pm Hong Kong time
(This is Sunday July 28th 3:15pm Paris time or 9:15 am New York time)




Duration: Lifetime
Price: $30.00