Traditional Tai Chi Basics Course

Learn the fundamentals of Tai Chi

  • 12 How to videos
  • 6 theory Modules
  • 22 practice Flow videos
  • Access to Traditional Basics facebook group
  • Weekly class with Leia on Zoom

The Benefits of The Traditional Tai Chi Basics Course

In the Traditional Basics course we approach the ancient study of Tai Chi step by step. Starting with the most basic movements you learn how to position your body correctly, prevent possible injuries and get the energy flowing. As you learn more and more advanced poses you will begin to understand your body on a whole new level.

This helps to create positive habits that you can maintain for the rest of your life.

There are important principles in the traditional way of practicing Tai Chi. In today’s sedentary society our bodies suffer from a lack of movement. When you are ready to make lasting changes in your body these principles will help unblock your stored energy. Your body will feel stronger and more powerful within 12 weeks of dedicated practice.

Connect to your life force, be more mindful and embrace your body with more vitality.




Course Content

In the first week you will begin by learning the basic Tai Chi position, which will help you get the Chi flowing through your body. When you learn the correct posture the energy can flow freely. Chi is our life force and the easier it can flow the more vitality you have and the more energized you feel.

In the second week you will learn important basic stances called the horse stance and the warrior stance. You need to start practicing those stances to build up muscle memory and strength.

In the third lesson, you will start to work with the energy we call Chi otherwise known as Qi and you will recognise how it feels when it is flowing to your hands.

The fourth week you will learn another important stance called the resting stance. This will help you make important transitions between the other Tai Chi postures.

In weeks 5 - 9 you will learn to do variations of the Tai Chi walk. First you will learn how to walk forward and backwards. In the weeks that follow you will learn how to add the arms in synchronization with the walk. 

For weeks 10 - 12 of the course new drills will be added promote better synchronization between the arms and the legs as well as balance while walking in the ways of Tai Ch. You will get used to transitioning between the stances and building up your coordination.

All the lessons have fun free flowing videos to support your practice.

When you join the Traditional Basics course you will get access to the rivate Facebook group where you can get extra support from Leia, ask her questions and get support from her with the course.

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